Bought the new Samsung S21 FE? It’s a good idea to pick a case now. Although Samsung uses a plastic back and has slapped Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, the phone isn’t crack-proof. Also, the glass-looking plastic on the back of the S21 FE is susceptible to scratches. So a good S21 FE case is a much-needed accessory for the phone. It will protect the phone from drops and safeguard it from scratches and dents.

As the S21 FE is a premium phone, you’ll find a plethora of case options for it. However, not all cases are well-made and provide a good fit or finish. So it’s wise to pick a case from a reputable brand. But searching for a good phone case can be overwhelming. So to help, I have handpicked the best S21 FE cases you can buy today.

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Best Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cases​

Best case overall Best clear case Best case for full-body protection Best rugged case Best thin case
Caseology Vault Ringke Fusion Poetic Guardian Spigen Rugged Armor Spigen Thin Fit

Best Samsung S21 FE case overall: Caseology Vault

The Caseology Vault is the perfect S21 FE case for most people. It offers an excellent level of protection without being too bulky. The case is also drop-tested to ensure that it can withstand any falls. The built-in Air Space feature help safeguard the corners in case of drops. Moreover, the case is scratch-resistant.

Caseology has used TPU to construct this case, so it’s relatively easy to put on or take out. Additionally, the case looks good and has a textured surface to help with the grip.

There is support for wireless charging as well. So you won’t have to remove the case whether you are charging the phone wirelessly or using it to charge another device with the phone’s PowerShare feature.

You can buy the Caseology Vault at just $14, and it comes in Matte Black and Sage Green colors.

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Best Samsung S21 FE clear case: Ringke Fusion

If you are looking to show off your brand-new S21 FE while keeping it protected, the Ringke Fusion case is an excellent choice. It’s a transparent case that provides military-grade drop protection. So not only your phone remains guarded, but you also get to highlight its design.

Ringke has used TPU and polycarbonate in the construction of the case. While shock-absorbing TPU is present in the bumper, the back is sturdy polycarbonate. The case also features raised edges for the screen and the camera bump.

Additionally, you get wireless charging support and lanyard holes for straps.

You can purchase the Ringke Fusion case at $13, and it comes in Crystal Clear and Matte Clear variants.

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Best Samsung S21 FE case for full-body protection: Poetic Guardian

The Poetic Guardian is an exceptional case for the S21 FE. Thanks to the built-in screen protector, it provides 360-degree protection to the phone. However, if you don’t want to use the built-in screen protector, the case also ships with an additional front frame that doesn’t include a screen guard.

As the case features a scratch-resistant transparent back, you can also showcase the phone’s design while keeping it safe from all sides. Additionally, the Poetic Guardian case is shock-proof and can withstand any drops.

You can buy the Poetic case for $17, and it’s available in four exciting color options. Moreover, it supports wireless charging.

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Best rugged Samsung S21 FE case: Spigen Rugged Armor

Spigen is known for making some of the best smartphone cases, and its Rugged Armor case for the Samsung S21 FE is no exception. It’s an excellent case that will protect your phone from everyday mishaps. If you want to add top-notch protection to your phone, there is no better option.

Despite being a rugged case, the Spigen Rugged Armor is not unwieldy. It is, in fact, quite slim. Additionally, the case is scratch-resistant and features a matte black coating for added grip.

The Spigen case uses the company’s Air Cushion technology to safeguard the phone from drops and other impacts. It also has raised edges to keep the screen and the cameras safe.

The Spigen Rugged Armor case costs $16, and it’s offered in a single color.

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Best thin case for Samsung S21 FE: Spigen Thin Fit

While protection is essential, some people don’t like the amount of bulk a case adds to a phone. For these people, thin cases offer a great middle ground. And if you are looking for an excellent slim case for the Samsung S21 FE, the Spigen Thin Fit is a fantastic option.

It’s lightweight and barely adds any bulk to the phone. After a while, you won’t even realize that it’s there. That said, the case is quite capable of protecting the phone. It has a dual-layer design feature TPU and polycarbonate materials to keep the phone safe. Additionally, it features raised edges and comes with Air Cushion technology to protect the phone from drops.

There is just too much to like about the case. And you can buy it for just $15.

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Honorable mentions:

Also great: Crave Strong Guard

Crave Strong Guard is another excellent rugged case for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. It’s strong and offers heavy-duty protection for the phone. Moreover, it costs just $15.

Also great: Caseology Nano Pop

The Caseology Nano Pop case may interest you if you don’t like bland cases. It adds a little bit of color to your phone while offering a decent level of protection. In addition, you can buy it in three exciting colors, and it costs just $16.

These are some of the best Samsung S21 FE cases that you can buy today. None of them are costly, and they will safeguard your phone from bumps, impacts, falls, and other accidents.

As the S21 FE doesn’t come with a charger in the box, you may also be looking for a good fast charger. So I have picked the best Samsung S21 FE chargers. My best Samsung S21 series car charger recommendations include more in-car charger options for the phone.

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