Wordle - How to DownloadWorried about your daily fix of Wordle after the NYT acquisition? I am here to help. Unlike most games we play these days, Wordle lives in a web browser. It’s a simple webpage that loads everything needed to run the game right in your web browser. So you can simply save the webpage to keep the game on your computer forever. 

When I say—pretty much everything—you lose your previous progress but get everything else. Meaning you won’t get your statistics, like games played, win percentage, and streak details. While a workaround may arrive in the future to keep the stats as well but for now, you get the game and sharing functionality. These are two of the most important things of Wordle for most people. 

How to download Wordle on your computer

  1. Open Wordle by visiting “https://www.powerlanguage.co.uk/wordle/.”Browser File Menu - Wordle
  2. Now, hit Ctrl + S/ Cmd + S or navigate to the “File” menu and click on the “Save Page as” option. Alternative, you can also right click on the webpage. Webpage Save As - Wordle
  3. This will open the “Save As” prompt. Select the location where you want to save the game, pick a name (or keep Wordle – A daily word game) and click “Save.” You can save it on the desktop for quick access.Wordle downloaded
  4. Your web browser will create a folder containing the webpage files and a separate HTML to render the actual game. 
  5. Next time you want to run the game, click on Wordle – A daily word game.HTML file (or whatever name you picked .HTML file), and it will open in a web browser. 
  6. You can now enjoy the game. 

How to play Wordle

How to play WordleWordle is pretty easy to play. The aim of the game is to guess the right five-letter word, which changes every day. You use the onscreen keyboard to type your guess, and if your guess is correct, all the letters will turn green, and the game will let you know. Otherwise, if your guess includes a letter that is present in the right word, that letter will either turn green (right spot) or yellow (wrong spot). You get a total of six guesses to get to the correct word. 

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