Best Wireless ChargersWireless chargers are incredibly convenient. They remove the need to deal with cables and connectors daily. Instead, you set up the wireless charger once, and that’s it. Then, you can simply charge your phone or another device by placing it on the charger.

Of course, wireless chargers aren’t as fast at charging devices as wired chargers. But as experts will tell you, super-fast charging daily isn’t great for your device’s battery. So by not charging your phone super fast, the wireless chargers kind of do you a favor. Of course, I would be thrilled if 15W or 20W charging was standard on wireless chargers, but we are slowly getting there.

So if you want a wireless charger for your smartphone, I have handpicked the best ones.

What you need to know about the wireless chargers

But before I jump into the recommendations. Here are a few things you need to know about the current wireless charging landscape. This will help while choosing a suitable wireless charger for your device.

  • Qi is the keyword these days. Almost all smartphones and other mobile devices support Qi wireless charging or some version of it. As a result, any Qi wireless charger will charge your device. But the rate at which it charges will depend on which Qi specification it supports.
  • There are two Qi power specifications—Basic Power Profile (BPP) and Extended Power Profile EPP). While Qi charger with BPP can only charge below 5W, the bare minimum, the EPP charger will deliver power up to 15W. In addition, manufacturers define how much of the EPP power their device can support. For example, when charged with regular Qi chargers with EPP, iPhones charge at 7.5W, and Sony phones charge at 11W.
  • Certain manufacturers, like Apple, Samsung, and Google, add proprietary extensions on Qi technology to allow their devices to charge faster. Such extensions are called Proprietary Power Delivery Extensions (PPDE). Unfortunately, your device will charge slowly unless your wireless charger supports these extensions, typically at just 5W.
  • So when you are choosing a wireless charger, you need to keep the Qi power specifications supported by the charger in mind. Support for your device manufacturer’s PPDE is equally essential. As wireless charger manufacturers rarely mention BPP or EPP support in their charger specifications, you are left to interpret their wattage to understand which type of charging speed your device will add.

Apart from the above points, you should remember that not all wireless chargers come with a power supply, which is needed to power it. So if your wireless charger pick doesn’t have a power supply, it will typically recommend a Quick Charge or USB PD power adapter or something similar. So make sure you get that. Using just any power supply will result in slow charging.

Now, let’s talk about the best wireless chargers.

Best universal wireless charger: Anker PowerWave II Stand

Anker PowerWave II StandAnker PowerWave II Stand is a great universal wireless charger that will charge your smartphone at pretty decent speeds. It can deliver up to 15W of power, depending on your device. For example, it can charge the Google Pixel phones at up to 15W, whereas the Samsung Galaxy phones will charge at 10W, and iPhones at 7.5W.

In addition, the Anker wireless charger comes with its own power supply so that you won’t hunt for a compatible adapter.

Unfortunately, the charger’s stand form factor is best suited for smartphones. So if you want something that can also wirelessly charge your earbuds or smartwatch, the pad version of the charge will serve you the best. It’s called Anker PowerWave II Pad. It offers the same features as the stand version, but in a different form factor.

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Best budget universal wireless charger: ESR 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad

ESR 15W Wireless ChargerIf you aren’t looking to spend too much on a wireless charger, the ESR 15W Fast Wireless Charging Pad is great. I have been using it for months, and I’m satisfied. It offers almost the same charging speeds as the Anker PowerWave II chargers. But you will get slow charging speeds on Google Pixel phones. 

As the name suggests, the charger has a pad form factor. And it comes with non-slip padding to keep your phone and other devices in place. The charger also uses a USB-C port for power, allowing you to use any compatible power supply with the charger. You will need a USB PD or Quick Charge 3.0 power supply capable of delivering 18W or more power for fast charging speeds. ESR doesn’t include a power supply of its own. I guess the company has to cut the costs somewhere.

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Best wireless charger for iPhones: Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Wireless ChargerIf you are looking for speedy wireless charging on your Apple iPhone, there is no better option than the official Apple MagSafe charger. It can charge your iPhone at up to 15W. Additionally, it uses magnets to attach to your phone, so you always get the perfect placement and don’t have to worry about aligning with the charging coil.

The charger has a good built quality, and it takes very little space. But unfortunately, Apple doesn’t bundle any power supply with it. So you will have to buy a USB PD power supply capable of delivering 20W of more power. The Anker 511 Charger and Elecjet 30W USB C Super Fast Charger are two excellent power supply options that don’t cost a lot.

It’s important to note that Apple MagSafe Charge will only offer up to 15W charging speeds with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series phones. Older iPhones will only get 7.5W of power, which you can get with other compatible Qi chargers as well.

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Best wireless charger for Samsung phones: Samsung 15W Wireless Charger

Samsung 15W Wireless ChargerAs mentioned earlier, Samsung phones use the company’s proprietary extension to support fast wireless charging. And, many chargers, like my main and budget picks, support it and can offer up to 10W charging. But if you want to get the complete 15W wireless charging on the Samsung phones that support it, the company’s official 15W Wireless Charger is the best option.

Moreover, the charger isn’t just useful for Samsung devices. You can use it to charge iPhones at 7.5W and other devices at up to 10W. It has a pad-like form factor, and it includes a cooling system to ensure the charger doesn’t overheat.

Samsung also bundles a wall charger with it. So you don’t have to look for a power supply.

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Best wireless charger for Google Pixel phones: Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen)

Google Pixel Stand 2nd GenIf you have a Google Pixel 6 series phone, Google’s second-generation Pixel Stand will give you the fastest charging speeds. It can charge the Pixel 6 at 21W and the Pixel 6 Pro at 23W. Additionally, it’s Qi-compatible and supports Extended Power Profile so that it can charge other devices at up to 15W. 

Additionally, the Pixel Stand looks excellent and includes a fan for cooler operation. Moreover, Google bundles a 30W power supply with the charger, so you can start using it right out of the box. 

If you have the Pixel 5 series or an older Pixel phone, you can even consider my main pick as both the Pixel Stand and the Anker charger will charge your phone at the same speed.

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Best universal wireless car charger: iOttie Auto Sense

iOttie Auto SenseiOttie Auto Sense is an excellent wireless charger for your car. It can charge iPhones at 7.5W and Android phones at up to 10W. As its name suggests, the charger can also sense when you have placed your phone in it, and it automatically closes the clamps to secure the phone.

The charger also offers several customization options, allowing you to get the proper placement for looking at the phone while driving for navigation or other tasks. 

You can buy the charger with a dash mount, cupholder mount, or CD/ air vent mount.

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These are the best wireless chargers that you can buy. If you are also looking for car chargers, check out my recommendations for the best car chargers. I have also handpicked the best USB-C cables for charging and data transfer.

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