If you have purchased the new Samsung Galaxy A53 5G phone, there is a good chance you are looking for a charger. The phone supports 25W super-fast charging, but the company doesn’t even bundle a slow charger. So if you are forced to get a new charger, it’s a good idea to pick a fast charger.

Fortunately, several chargers are capable of fast charging your new Samsung phone. But in the market flooded with both premium and unbranded options, it’s hard to pick the right fast charger. So I have done the research and handpicked the best Samsung A53 chargers for you.

It’s important to note that Samsung Galaxy A53 5G uses USB PD 3.0 and PPS technologies to support fast charging. So unless your charger supports both, it won’t charge your A53 at top speed. While all PPS chargers support USB PD 3.0, not all USB PD 3.0 chargers have PPS compatibility.

Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G chargers

Elecjet 30W Super Fast Charger Official Samsung 25W Charger Baseus 65W Car Charger Baseus 100W Charging Station
 $15 $28 $29 $57
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Elecjet 30W USB C Super Fast Charger

The Elecjet 30W charger is perfect for the Samsung A53 5G. It can deliver up to 30W of power, enough for 25W fast charging. Moreover, it supports both USB PD 3.0 and PPS. You also get a free Type-C to Type-C cable. And the charger costs just $15. So what else do you need.

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Official Samsung 25W USB-C Wall Charger

If you prefer an official Samsung charger, the company offers a 25W charger suitable for the A53 5G. It will charge your phone at top speed. But you will have to spend almost double of Elecjet charger’s price at $28. At least Samsung also bundles a free USB C to C cable with the charger, like Elecjet.

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Baseus 65W Fast USB Car Charger

Wall adapters are suitable for homes and offices, but what about cars? That’s where the Baseus 65W Fast USB Car Charger comes into play. It has two ports—one Type-C and one Type-A—and can deliver enough power to charge the Samsung A53 5G at top speed. Apart from USB PD 3.0 and PPS, the charger also supports Quick Charger 4.0, so you can also charge other Android phones. Like our other charger recommendations, you get a free cable with the Baseus charger as well.

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Baseus 100W 4-port charging station

Most of us have to charge more than just one device often. So getting a charger with multiple ports is both a space and money saver. The Baseus 100W charging station has four USB ports, two Type-C and two Type-A, enough to charge all devices in most households. Additionally, the charger supports USB PD 3.0, PPS, Quick Charge, and several other fast charging protocols to not just fast charge the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G, but also iPhones and Android phones as well. It can even charge your USB-C PD-compatible laptops.

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These are the best Samsung A53 chargers. If you have another Samsung phone with 25W fast charging, these will work for that phone as well. I have also selected the best Samsung A53 5G cases on the market.

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