Apple has quietly released a new version of its official Thunderbolt 4 cable. The latest version is three meters in size, making it the only Thunderbolt 4-certified cable over two meters. Until now, Apple’s official Thunderbolt 4 (TB4) cable was only available in the 1.8-meter size, and the TB4 cables from third-party manufacturers top out at two meters. So if you have been waiting for a long TB4 cable, this Apple cable is your best option.

Unlike Apple’s most other cables that are a flimsy mess, this Thunderbolt 4 cable is quite well-made. In addition, it’s braided for extra durability.

As you can expect from a TB4-certified cable, it can carry data at up to 40Gbps and has USB-C ports. The cable is compatible with the USB4 standard. In addition, you can use it to push video signal from your computer to your Thunderbolt 4 or 3 monitor or deliver power from your monitor to your laptop at up to 100W.

Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable price, availability

The Apple Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable carries a price tag of $159 for the three-meter size and $129 for the 1.8-meter size. Unfortunately, while the 1.8-meter version is available via both Amazon and Apple, you can only buy the three-meter version from Apple right now. Hopefully, it will land on Amazon soon.

Best Thunderbolt 4 cables from other manufacturers

While the Apple Thunderbolt cable is quite good, its price tag may deter some buyers. So if you don’t need a three-meter cable and you can manage with a shorter cable, here are some of the best alternatives to the Apple cable.

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