If you were keeping track of the Google I/O 2022, you already know Google is bringing a new Android tablet. Dubbed as the Google Pixel Tablet, it’s set to arrive sometime in 2023. However, considering we are still in the first half of 2022, the company didn’t reveal much about the device at I/O. All we know is that the company’s Tensor chip will power it. And it will feature front and rear cameras, as seen in the teaser.

But while browsing the Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) website earlier today, I spotted an interesting new detail. The USI Certified Products section of the website revealed that a Google tablet called Tangor (most likely a codename) had been certified by USI, and it is compliant with the USI Device specification.

Unfortunately, the USI website doesn’t mention anything else. But considering that it’s pretty common for unreleased hardware to show up on the websites of certification agencies and groups, such as Wi-Fi Alliance and Bluetooth SIG group, it’s not hard to imagine that Google Tangor is very likely the upcoming Google Pixel Tablet and it will support USI styluses.

For those of you who don’t know about USI, it’s a group of companies that maintain a specification for interoperable active styluses. Basically, they envision a future in which you can simply pick a USI stylus, and it will work with every touchscreen device you own, regardless of the platform or manufacturer.

Google is a part of USI, and it has already included USI support in Chrome OS, resulting in support for USI-certified styluses on dozens of Chromebooks. But as far as I can find, Android has yet to get USI support. So, in order to bring USI support to the Pixel Tablet, Google will also bring USI to Android.

Bottom line, Google Pixel Tablet is very likely codenamed “Tangor.” It’s getting USI stylus support. And a future Android version will also very likely bring USI specification support.

Update: USI has quietly updated its USI Certified Products list to remove the mention of Google tablet. However, you can still find the original listing on Wayback Machine.

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