Google Pixel 6aBought the new Google Pixel 6a? You still have a few more orders to place. If you want to keep the phone safe from everyday mishaps, it’s a good idea to pick a case and a screen protector. Combined, these accessories protect the phone from scratches, drops, bumps, and other bruises. Additionally, like most other smartphones these days, there is no charger in the Pixel 6a box. So unless you have a USB PD 3.0 PPS charger, you need one to enjoy 18W fast charging.

So, here are my handpicked recommendations for the best Pixel 6a cases, screen protectors, and chargers.

Best Pixel 6a Case: Spigen Liquid Air Armor, UAG Scout Series, Caseology Athlex

Caseology Athlex Case for Pixel 6aThe Spigen Liquid Air Armor is my pick for the best overall Pixel 6a case. It’s slim and lightweight but still provides excellent protection to the phone. There is also a textured back with a matte finish and textured sides for good grip. Additionally, you get a perfect fit, precise cutouts, and two color options.

The UAG Scout Series is a step up in terms of protection from the Spigen Liquid Air Armor. If you are worried about constantly dropping your phone, this is the case to get. It’s rated for military-grade protection, and the case has non-slip sides for better grip. However, it’s considerably bulkier than the Spigen case and more expensive.

On the other hand, the Caseology Athlex sits in the middle of the two cases. It provides a solid grip and has a dual-tone design for style. Basically, it doesn’t look as dull as the Spigen or UAG cases. But that doesn’t mean it’s any inferior in terms of protection. The case’s dual-layer frame will guard your phone against day-to-day mishaps.

> Buy the Spigen Liquid Air Armor, UAG Scout Series, or Caseology Athlex cases from Amazon

Best Clear Pixel 6a Case: Crave Clear Guard, Poetic Guardian Series, Tech21 Evo Check

Crave Clear Guard case for Pixel 6aThe Crave Clear Guard is a perfectly functional and affordable clear case for the Pixel 6a. It doesn’t have any bells or whistles, but it does the job well and will protect your phone without hiding its aesthetics.

However, suppose you prefer slightly better protection. In that case, the Poetic Guardian Series case includes a reinforced frame, which, although it hides some parts of the phone, adds military-grade protection to the phone. The case also ships with a built-in screen protector that you can use if you want, or you can go for one of our recommendations below. Finally, the pack has an empty frame to accommodate third-party screen protectors.

Tech21 Evo Check adds some style and character to an otherwise simple, transparent look for traditional clear cases. So you can still showcase the Pixel 6a design and colorway but mixed with the case’s namesake check pattern. It’s also quite good on the protection front and can withstand drops from as high as 16 feet.

> Buy the Crave Clear Guard, Poetic Guardian Series, or Tech21 Evo Check cases from Amazon

Best Cheap Pixel 6a Case: CoverOn Slim Fit TPU Case, Foluu Anti-Slip Case

CoverOn Case for Pixel 6aCoverOn Slim Fit TPU Case for the Pixel 6a is a solid, cheap option. It costs only $8, and you get a flexible, shock-absorbing case that is slim and lightweight. But it will still provide a decent level of protection, and the matte finish ensures the phone doesn’t slip out of your hand.

But if you want something slightly more robust, the Foluu Anti-Slip Case is suitable. It’s also made with TPU material but includes a textured back for an enhanced grip.

> Buy the CoverOn Slim Fit TPU or Foluu Anti-Slip Case from Amazon

Best Pixel 6a Screen Protector: JETech Tempered Glass, AACL Tempered Glass

JETech Tempered Glass for Pixel 6aIf you want Pixel 6a tempered glass protectors, JETech and AACL have excellent options. While JETech offers two protectors and two camera guards in one pack, AACL has three screen protectors and three camera bar protectors. In addition, each comes with an installation tool, and you get a high-quality glass.

Both screen protectors will keep the Pixel 6a’s OLED screen safe from scratches and have gotten great reviews on Amazon.

> Buy the JETech Tempered Glass or AACL Tempered Glass from Amazon

Best Pixel 6a Charger: Anker 25W PD Wall Charger, Belkin 25W USB C PPS Wall Charger, Ugreen USB C Super Fast Charger

Anker 25W USB PD PPS ChargerAnker, Belkin, and Ugreen, each of the three companies, offer USB PD 3.0 PPS wall chargers capable of delivering 25W of power, enough to fast charge your Pixel 6a. So if I were to pick favorites, Anker should be your first choice, followed by Belkin and Ugreen. But each is a good charger. Also, the Ugreen charger comes with a free USB-C cable and a foldable plug, so if you want these things, Ugreen is the way to go.

You can also use any of these chargers to top up Samsung Galaxy phones or iPhones at their top speed, except for some Samsung phones that support 45W charging.

> Buy the Anker, Belkin, or Ugreen Pixel 6a chargers from Amazon

Best Cheap Pixel 6a Charger: Ugreen Mini 20W USB C Charger

Ugreen Mini 20W ChargerBesides its great 25W PPS charger, Ugreen also has a 20W charger, which is excellent if you want a budget option. It costs under $10 and will charge your Pixel at its top speed. In addition, the charger is compact, has a single Type-C port, and has all the safety protections.

> Buy Ugreen Mini 20W USB C charger from Amazon

Best Pixel 6a Charger for Cars: Baseus 65W Car Charger, Ugreen USB C Car Charger

Ugreen 40W Car ChargerWhile wall chargers are great for juicing your phone at home or office, what about when you are in your car? Although most modern cars have USB ports for charging, they are not typically speedy and rarely support fast charging standards. So it would help if you had a dedicated car charger, like the Baseus 65W Car Charger or Ugreen USB C Car Charger, to get top-speed charging on your Pixel 6a.

Both car chargers have support for USB PD 3.0 and PPS. While the Baseus charger can deliver up to 65W of power and has two USB ports—one Type-C and one Type-A—the Ugreen charger is suitable for up to 40W and has two USB-C ports. When using both ports, the charging power will be divided intelligently between them.

> Buy Baseus 65W Car Charger or Ugreen 40W Car Charger from Amazon

So, these are the best cases, screen protectors, wall chargers, and car chargers for the Google Pixel 6a. All the above recommendations have been carefully considered and are the most suitable for your phone. I also have buying guides for the best power banks and the best USB C charging cables.

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