Google LensGoogle Lens is a powerful feature that lets you use your phone’s camera to search for information, translate text, identify objects, scan documents, and more. You can use Google Lens on any Android or iOS device that has the Google app installed. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Open the Google app on your phone and tap the Lens icon next to the microphone icon.Google Lens Icon in Google Search
  2. Point your camera at whatever you want to scan or search for. You can also tap the Gallery icon to select an image from your phone’s storage.Google Lens Camera
  3. Tap any of the icons at the bottom of the screen to choose a specific mode for Google Lens. For example, you can tap the Text icon to copy, translate, or speak text; tap the Shopping icon to find similar products or prices; tap the Dining icon to see popular dishes or tips; or tap the Homework icon to solve math problems or get study help.
  4. Tap on any of the results that appear on your screen to see more information or take action. You can also swipe up to see more suggestions or related content.

Google Lens is a handy tool that can help you with various tasks and queries. You can also access it from other apps like Google Photos, Google Assistant, or Google Camera. Try it out, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Google Lens key features

  • Copy Text from the Real World: You can use Google Lens to copy text from books, signs, menus, or any other source. Just point your camera at the text and tap on it. You can then select the text you want to copy and tap on the Copy button. You can also translate the text to another language, speak it aloud, or search for it on Google.
  • Identify Plants and Animals: You can use Google Lens to learn more about plants and animals you encounter. Just point your camera at a flower, a bird, a dog, or any other living thing and tap on it. Google Lens will tell you its name and show you similar images. You can also see more information from Wikipedia or other sources.
  • Scan QR Codes and Barcodes: You can use Google Lens to scan QR codes and barcodes to access websites, coupons, product information, and more. Just point your camera at the code and tap on it. Google Lens will automatically open the link or show you the relevant information.
  • Solve Math Problems: You can use Google Lens to solve math problems by simply pointing your camera at them. Google Lens will show you the answer and the steps to solve it. You can also get study help from educational websites or videos.
  • Find Products and Prices: You can use Google Lens to find products and prices by pointing your camera at them. Google Lens will show you similar products, prices, reviews, and where to buy them. You can also compare prices across different websites or stores.

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