Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day is a massive online shopping event that happens once a year, usually in July. It offers exclusive deals and discounts to Amazon Prime members on millions of products across various categories. It’s like Black Friday, but only for Amazon Prime customers.

The first Amazon Prime Day was on July 15, 2015, as a way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the site’s launch in July 1995. The first Prime Day lasted 24 hours and was available to members in nine countries: the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, and Austria.

In comparison, the 2022 Prime Day was held in more than 20 countries. Prime members purchased more than 300 million items worldwide, making it the biggest Prime Day event in Amazon’s history at the time. The 2023 Prime Day is scheduled for July 11 and July 12.

How to shop like a pro on Amazon Prime Day

Shopping on Amazon Prime Day can be overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. With some preparation and planning, you can shop like a pro on Amazon Prime Day and snag the best deals.

Become a Prime member

To access the Prime Day deals, you need to be a Prime member. If you are not one already, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial and cancel anytime. Prime membership also gives you other benefits, such as free shipping, Prime Video, Prime Music, and more.

Do your research

Before Prime Day starts, browse the upcoming deals and make a list of the items you want to buy. Compare the prices with other websites and check the reviews and ratings of the products. You can also use tools like CamelCamelCamel or Keepa to track the price history of the items and see if they are really a good deal.

Set up alerts and notifications

To avoid missing out on the best deals, you can set up alerts and notifications on your phone or computer. You can use the Amazon app or website to watch the deals you are interested in and get notified when they go live. You can also ask Alexa to keep you updated on the Prime Day deals.

Be quick and decisive

Prime Day deals are limited in quantity and time, so you need to be quick and decisive when you see something you like. Some deals may sell out in minutes or even seconds, so don’t hesitate to add them to your cart and check out as soon as possible. You can always return them later if you change your mind.

Have fun and enjoy

Prime Day is a great opportunity to save money and buy things you need or want. But don’t let it stress you out or make you overspend. Have fun and enjoy the shopping experience, but also be smart and responsible with your money.

Prime Day is one of the biggest online shopping events of the year, and it can be a lot of fun if you know how to shop like a pro. Follow these tips and tricks, and you will be ready to score some amazing deals on Prime Day. Happy shopping!

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