NuGiz is the latest passion project from Gaurav Shukla, established on January 1, 2022. He will be publishing articles and features here to help consumers make better buying decisions about technology products. In addition, Gaurav will share how-to guides and explainers on various technologies.

NuGiz is supported by advertisements and includes affiliate links to various online retailers like Amazon. This revenue will help cover the cost of running this website over time.

The website is not sponsored or supported by any particular company or brand and operates independently. WordPress serves the ads, and Gaurav has no input in this process.

Here are some examples of the types of content you’ll find on NuGiz:

Why should you trust NuGiz?

In the era of sponsored content, missing disclaimers, misinformation, and the general distrust of media, it is okay to wonder why you should trust any website. But NuGiz is an unbiased source of content, and Gaurav uses his extensive experience covering, reviewing, and using consumer technology products to offer all information on this website.

Everything on NuGiz is thoroughly researched and vetted before publication. But as they say–to err is human–so if you spot a mistake or disagree with anything published here, feel free to connect with Gaurav.

Contact NuGiz

You can contact Gaurav at “gaurav @” (remove the spaces), or for general feedback use the contact form below.